PT PLN (Persero) is encouraging gasification, which is the use of gas for fuel as a substitute for fuel oil. However, the state-owned company requested that the price of gas purchased by it be reduced to US $ 6 per MMBTU.

PLN’s Strategic Procurement Director II Djoko Rahardjo Abumanan explained that the current average gas price purchased by the state electricity company was US $ 9.3 per MMBTU.

“We want the price of gas for PLN at US $ 6. We bought US $ 9.3 for 55 cargos today, imagine?” said he was met at the RI Parliament Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (1/28/2020).

He hopes that the price of gas sold to PLN is not too expensive in order to encourage gasification as mandated by the government.

PLN itself has calculated the potential use of gas for its power plant. At least it can reduce fuel use from 2.6 million kiloliters (kl) to 1.6 million kl.

PLN President Director Zulkifli Zaini explained that it would save operational costs up to Rp 4 trillion.

“With an estimated reduction in operating costs of Rp 4 trillion. So the reduction in fuel consumption to 2.6 million kl to 1.6 million kl will reduce operational costs,” he said during a hearing (RDP) with Commission VII in the House of Representatives.